Wellness/Safety Minutes

Wellness Committee Minutes


Present: J. St. Pierre, P. Hartley, L.Flynn, M. Pearl,R. Hambrick, Ellie Martin, Ella Putnam

Absent: H. Caldwell, C. Rogers

The meeting opened with a recap of events since our last meeting. Please see the events chronicled on the Wellness Committee 2021-2022.

The team received the application to apply for recognition as a Healthier Generation School. We would like to start now to try and get ready to apply for March, 2023.

L. Flynn- We are looking forward to a return to some kind of normalcy as masks will not be mandatory in school starting 3/7.

Grafton County rates high for community level. The guidelines from the CDC state that when the community level is high: masks should be worn indoors, stay up to date with vaccines, get tested if you have symptoms and additional precautions may be needed for people at high risk.

H. Caldwell and L.Flynn have dedicated March as “Staff Wellness and Support Month”. Starting 3/2, healthy snacks will be made available for our staff meeting. We were looking into having a Massage Therapist come in to provide an opportunity for the staff who want it to get a massage. I haven’t found anyone to provide us with that service but if anyone knows of someone…..

P. Hartley is working with the student council and has a fundraiser for Spirit Wear going on now through 3/11/22.

J.St. Pierre is finishing up “Kids Heart Challenge” this week and looking forward to helping plan a field day event that will happen before we know it.

Next Meeting scheduled for 5/24/2022

Respectfully submitted,

Laurie Flynn

PVS School Nurse