Current School Board Agenda/Minutes



TUESDAY, APRIL 12, 2022 @ 6:30 PM


  1. Call Meeting to Order

  2. Reorganization of the Board

  3. Sign Manifest

  4. Agenda Review/Adjustments

  5. Approval of Minutes of March 15, 2022

  6. Invitation to Staff

  7. Public Input

  8. Administrator Updates:

Jessica Piccone-Robie, SPED Director

Bert Vines, Facilities Maintenance Mgr.

James Marshall, Technology Director

Laurie Melanson, Superintendent

Kathryn Ducharme, Business Administrator

Bruce Labs, Principal

  1. 2022-2023 School Calendar

  2. Nominations/Resignations

  3. Other Business

  4. Public Input

  5. Next Meeting Date: MAY 17, 2022, @ 6:30 pm

  6. Non-Public Session - Per RSA 91.A:3 (If needed)

  7. Adjournment

The meeting will be open to the public to attend.



MARCH 15, 2022

Attendance: School Board Chair Glenn Meder, and School Board Members Vernon Jones, Becky Ackerman; Superintendent Laurie Melanson, Principal Bruce Labs, Business Administrator Kathryn Ducharme. Members of the public.

The meeting was called to order at 6:31.

Agenda Review

Approval of Minutes: Motion to approve minutes: Vernon

Seconded: Becky

All in favor.

Invitation to Staff: Nurse Laurie Flynn: Most teachers working on preparing topics for the international fair in April. First graders finished vol 1 math books and all kids scored at or above benchmarks. Ms. Hambrick’s and Ms. Champagne’s classes are pairing up for a unit on electricity.

Kathy put a budget summary in front of the board, and also budget hearing notes for help.

Bruce reminds everyone that there are parent conferences on the 23rd and the teachers are anxious to talk about test scores on Star tests. So far results are very good.

Teacher Mary Ruth Hambrick notes that the town voted in favor of reallocating funds from the recreation trust fund for the community playground project. Will possibly be looking for a really good surveyor that might be willing to work on this project for pro bono. A determination on the grant request should be received by mid-October.

No nominations or resignations.

Public Input: Rob Elder asked: date for the international fair? Thursday 4/21. Visiting schedule for high schools for 8th graders? Oxbow is already done, Woodsville and Rivendell being scheduled. St J not doing school visits right now, but students can visit individually. The last meeting discussed eval by RE people? Not yet. Might be a matter of just having people go online and put in favorable reviews.


Motion to adjourn meeting made by Glenn; seconded by Vernon. All in favor.

Meeting adjourned at 6:59 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Alison Gould Rose



MARCH 15, 2021

Meeting called to order by moderator Joyce Tompkins at 7:00. Pledge was recited, order of meeting, introductions made - Laurie Melanson, superintendent; Vernon Jones, Becky Ackerman, and Glenn Meder, School Board members; Kathy Ducharme, business manager; Bruce Labs, principal; Alison Rose, clerk.

ARTICLE 1: To hear reports of Agents, Auditors, Committees, or Officers chosen and pass any vote relating thereto.

Motion to pass over made by Gary Danielson. Seconded by Rob Elder. All in favor.

ARTICLE 2: To see if the district will vote to raise and appropriate two million, three hundred thousand, seven hundred seventy-nine dollars ($2,300,779.00) for the support of the schools, for the payment of salaries of school district officials and agents, and for the payment of statutory obligations of the district. This article is exclusive of any other article on this warrant. (The school board recommends this article).

Motion made by Rob Elder. Seconded by Gary Danielson.

Motion is passed on voice vote.

ARTICLE 3: To see if the district will raise and appropriate up to ten thousand dollars ($10,000) to be added to the previously established Building Repairs Expendable Trust Fund, such amount to be funded from the year-end unassigned fund balance available on June 30, 2022. (The school board recommends this article).

Motion is made by Ernie Hartley, seconded by Gary Danielson.

Discussion: Rob Elder asked if the money will be used for anything in particular? Glenn answered that the board had discussed using it for the stage, but in the end it seemed, with building costs so high right now, like a good idea to keep this trust fund well funded right now.

Motion is passed by voice vote.

ARTICLE 4: To transact any other business that may legally come before said meeting.

Abby Metcalf thinks that a few fundraisers to go toward using less of the rec department money would create a lot of good will. Billie French agrees, offers to help. Glenn responded that there will undoubtedly be fundraisers anyway to get the required funds for the playground because of the cost of it, in spite of the amount from the rec department and the matching grant funds.

Rob Elder asked if the playground could be considered a “special purpose” as noted on page 110. Glenn answers that the funds referred to means existing trust funds.

Gina Giudici asked if any money would be set aside for the playground? Glenn answered that there is not an established fund for something like this. Again, thinking that some school money put toward this effort would be a gesture of good will toward the town. Mary Ruth explains that funds will ultimately have to come from a number of areas, the 20k from the town, the Federal grant money, fundraising, and some from the school funds.

Motion to adjourn meeting at approximately 7:35 made by Gary Danielson, seconded by Lydia Hill. Motion passed by voice vote.

Respectfully submitted,

Alison Gould Rose