Title One




Title One at Piermont Village School is committed to a partnership between the home and school for the educational benefit of our students. In order to keep parents involved, our program will be responsible for the following:

  • Regular contact with parents including, but not limited to, trimester written progress reports.

  • Distributing a document outlining the basic elements of the Title One program and how it works.

  • Hosting an annual meeting for all parents of the students involved in Title One, whereby parents can meet and share concerns and suggestions for the program. This meeting will be held 30 minutes before the annual open house. Future meetings and times will be arranged at this meeting.

  • Disseminating and explaining the results of the NH State Assessment, should they pertain to the Title One program, by sending home a newsletter with this information and an invitation to call the school if more information or clarification is desired.

  • Distributing and collecting a Title One program effectiveness survey in the spring. Data from this will be compiled and the results shared in the fall for future program improvements.

ADOPTED: Piermont School Board, March 17, 2009

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