Administrator Reports

PVS Principal’s Report to the School Board


Allen, Cathy, and I have been busy preparing for the 22-23 school year. As of 8.16.22, we are welcoming 54 students to PVS on the first day of school.

Staff Updates

We have been busy interviewing and hiring throughout the summer and are excited to welcome many new teachers and support staff.

Our new faces include: Nicolas Argy, Special Education

Nancy Wilson, 1.5 day Music

Charlene Broom, IA

Danielle Corti, IA

Pat Adamkowski, SAU Guidance Position

Kelly Ryan, SAU traveling Art

We are still hiring for our 3rd and 4th grade classroom teacher position . I will be filling the 3rd/4th position until we are able to hire a qualified candidate. Geoff Ashworth has again agreed to teach 7th/8th science.

Clarification of Reimbursement for Coursework

Two PVS staff members are taking coursework toward their Masters degrees. We would like clarification around the policy for reimbursement, specifically when the employee is reimbursed. I have attached a copy of the reimbursement policies for Haverhill and Warren for your reference.

Haverhill Course and Workshop Approval Policy.pdf

Warren Village School Course and Workshop Approval Policy.pdf

The board’s current policy states “Professional staff taking approved courses or attending approved workshops, or conferences may be reimbursed for tuition and conference/workshop fees up to $1,250 annually. Approval under this section is at the discretion of the Superintendent or his/her designee”

As additional information, the researched average cost per credit hour for a master’s was $659.73 across all schools with data available.

(taken from the web:

Using that number, I ask the board to consider raising that amount to accommodate the rising costs of tuition as most courses are 3 credit hours.

Update to Enrichment Requests

We would like to again thank the board for providing enrichment monies toward beneficial programs and products to enrich the experience of PVS students. We have $11,316 remaining from the funds allotted by the board during the 21-22 school year. We would like to ask the board to allow for a portion of this remaining money to be used to procure Katherine Peters as an Artist-In-Residence for 5 weeks on our Tuesday Art day beginning on Tuesday, September 6th. Her website is here ( and she has worked closely with several school districts to create community based art with students. She will work with our students to create a student based art installation to be shared with community members and families in October.

Principals Report to the School Board

April 13, 2022

Fencing for the playground for next year's budget

I would like to show the board at the next meeting a part of the playground that we are hoping to fence in when we order the fencing for this summer. We currently have temporary fencing up to keep the students away from the next door neighbors garage which we think is asbestos. We would like to make sure that we keep that garage area out of reach so the kids aren’t able to touch that surface.

Steps have been repaired

The steps to the second floor of the old building were repaired two weeks ago. This is a real safety upgrade and something we now don’t have to worry about.

Collaboration with the Montshire Museum

Many of our teachers have been taking advantage of the Montshire museum partnership in order to plan their science work. They are using materials loaned by the Museum and they are also collaborating with Museum staff to plan or in some situations co-teach lessons.

Upcoming field trips

On Tuesday, May 3rd the Kindergarten lst and 2nd graders will be taking a field trip to the Montshire Museum of Science in Norwich. We will keep you posted when the details of this trip become clear.

On Thursday, May 5th grades 3rd to 6th are going to be visiting the State House in Concord and the McAuliffe-Shepard Discovery Center. We will keep parents posted with more details when this trip gets closer.

On Tuesday, May 17th we will be doing a whole school trip to the Hulbert Center in Fairlee VT. We will be taking all of the classes on this trip with the exception of the preschool class because they only have a half day schedule. There will be no preschool scheduled on May 17th. We will leave the school by bus at 8:30AM and return before the afternoon buses leave the school.