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Dates to Remember

May 27th - No School

May 29th - Community Meeting lead by 1/2 classroom

June 4th - Field Day

June 5th - Whole School Hike

June 5th - 7/8 grade field trip to Storr's Pond

June 6th - Step up Day

June 6th - 8th Grade Graduation 6pm

June 7th - Awards Ceremony/Last Day - 1pm Dismissal


May Calendar Raffle Winners

May 1st winner is Lynn and Ted Rhoads

May 2nd winner is Laura Taylor

May 3rd winner is Bill Donnelly

May 4th winner is Tara Meder

May 5th winner is Laura Taylor

May 6th winner is Larry Taylor

May 7th winner is Alexis Woods

May 8th winner is Shawna Bailey

May 9th winner is Brian Smith

May 10th winner is Rebecca Thomson

May 11th winner is Joey Farley

May 12th winner is Tina Hebb

May 13th winner is Kathleen Metcalf

May 14th winner is Alexis Woods

May 15th winner is Brenda Pike

May 16th winner is John Foote

May 17th winner is Lydia Hill

May 18th winner is Joanne Hogan

May 19th winner is Nicole Lee

May 20th winner is Bill Donnelly

May 21st winner is Brian Smith

May 22nd winner is Rose Tucker

May 23rd winner is Lynn and Ted Rhoads

May 24th winner is Rebecca Thomson

May 25th winner is Greg Marsh

We've been honored as one of America’s #HealthiestSchools! 

Thank you @HealthierGen for recognizing us with this distinction, and congratulations to our fellow awardees for setting the bar. Learn more: healthiergeneration.org/healthiestschools

Piermont Village School was recognized for distinction in the following topic area(s):

1. Increasing Family & Community Engagement

2. Cultivating Staff Well-Being

3. Improving Nutrition & Food Access

4. Implementing Local School Wellness Policy

5. Enriching Health Education

6. Bolstering Physical Education & Activity

7. Promoting Tobacco-Free Schools

8. Supporting School Health Services


Piermont Community members, please be advised that all Piermont Village School drinking water sources have been tested for lead and that all results were determined below the action level. Results of testing are posted in the lobby at the school.

updated: 2/16/24